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"What is GBL gamma-butyrolactone?

Gamma-butyrolactone is an ideal antioxidant, plasticizer, dispersing agent, and solvent. However, GBL is perhaps most commonly used as an intermediate in the production of derivative chemicals like methyl-2-pyrrolidone, also known as NMP.

As well as its use in chemical production, GBL is known as a fragrance agent in some household products as well as a solvent in lotions, nail polish removers, and some polymers. You can also use it in battery and capacitor production when you mix it with a small amount of ethylene glycol.

"In which country is your company based?"

We are based in the Netherlands, but we also have branches offices in Canada, Australia, UK, USA, France and Germany.

"What package sizes are available for gamma-butyrolactone?"

Packing is available in multiple quantities and options. You can view all gamma-butyrolactone products and package sizes GBL SHOP product page

"Can I also pick up Gamma-Butyrolactone directly from your location?"

We are an online store and picking up the products is not possible. But if you can access one of our offices then we can reserve the order but we do NOT keep stocks

"How long is Gamma-Butyrolactone preservable?"

Gamma-Butyrolactone has a shelf life of at most 2 years in an enclosed bottle.

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